Choir classes are open to any student who desires to learn to sing and read musical notation.  In all classes, the students will receive instruction in proper singing technique, posture, note and rhythm reading, tone, intonation, dynamics, and ensemble singing.  Choir is also a class designed to help build self-esteem, cooperation, self-motivation, and life skills through the study of voice and group performance experience.

All students need to sing for Mr. Flora before placement in the choirs at Campo Verde High School. This is for Mr. Flora to properly place the students by ability and experience. The choirs available to students are Women’s Chorale, Men’s Chorale, Advanced Women’s Chorale, Concert Choir, and Advanced Vocal Ensemble. Women’s Chorale and Men’s Chorale are open to any and all students without audition. Advanced Women’s Chorale, Concert Choir, and Advanced Vocal Ensemble are open to students through audition and selection by Mr. Flora.

 Demonstrate knowledge/skills in independent singing and knowledge of how to sing as a group.
 Be able to perform music individually and as a member of a group according to varying levels.
 Experience the feeling of success through individual and group efforts.
 Gain a higher appreciation for different music styles of music.