Campo Idol 2023

Meet this year’s emcee and contestants!

Carly DeRouen (Junior – Emcee)

I am on choir council, I am also in STUCO and I act. I have always wanted to emcee an event and I thought this was a good way to start! 
Melody Berlin (Junior)

I auditioned for Campo Idol because it’s one of the major highlights each year for me. Being able to sing and bond with everyone I love and even meeting new people outside of choir is SO fun for me. I’m so happy in this element and the memories will stay with me forever!
Sadie Boulton (Junior)

I’ve loved singing my whole life! Ever since I was little I especially enjoyed our musical programs in elementary school. I officially joined choir in 8th grade and have been in choir ever since. I’ve also been singing in my church choir before I joined in choir in middle school.
Xander Cabezudo (Senior)

I picked one of my original songs because I’ve only ever performed this in front of friends or family and I want to see reactions from strangers. I auditioned for Campo Idol because the idea of performing my songs for a larger audience is a thrilling, yet terrifying, experience. I was told by a number of people that I should tryout, and it got me thinking about it more.
Haylie Kaufman (Junior)

The song I picked has a beautiful melody and tells a story that sounds magical and mysterious. I auditioned so I can perform in front of an audience, so I can have fun, and hopefully so I can leave a good impression on some people who see it!
Ella Koglmeier (Freshman)

I picked my song because I think it is extremely relatable for musicians. For some people, music is what keeps them going and makes them truly happy.
Mia McFarland (Senior)

I have been singing for 7 years, and I can also do a backhandspring. I picked my song because its super fun to sing and unique.
Rachel Nolan (Junior)

I have been doing choir for  years, I am also a band geek in addition to a choir nerd and I also have an inordinate love for Oreos! I chose my song because it’s quite a diva power song and it’s fun to sing.
Piper Provot (Sophomore)

I love this song so much it’s a beautiful piece about love, sadness, and acceptance. I always wanted to sing this song, so I’m so glad that I now get the chance to.
Antonio Ronga (Sophomore)

I picked my song because I thought it sounded modern, upbeat, but still a little retro. I auditioned for Campo Idol to really push myself out of my comfort zone, and do something my friends will remember me for.
Lauren Russell (Junior)

My favorite thing to do is perform, especially in front of people. I picked this song because it’s really fun to sing and also super fun to act out and perform with the different emotions displayed in the song.
Boyd Schnepf (Senior)

I’ve been in school choir since 8th grade, and I’ve been singing in a choir since I was 8. I picked this song because it’s a Michael Buble song that fits my range and expression.
Scott Thatcher (Junior)

I do music production make songs as a hobby and I have been singing since 7th grade. I chose my song because its a good song with really nice structure and overall fun to sing.
Maddy Uhrich (Senior)

I play piano and I can install toilets. I auditioned for Campo Idol this year because I finally had the guts to try!