Our Choirs

All choirs focus on vocal technique, sight-reading using solfege, and musical knowledge. Auditioned ensembles are all judged on the same criteria: vocal range, sight-reading ability, aural recall, and singing ability.

2021 CVHS Chorale


Chorale is comprised of male and female singers with a limited choral background.  This choir studies literature written for SATB voices allows the singers to more fully develop their musical and vocal abilities.

2021 CVHS Advanced Women's Chorale

Advanced Women’s Chorale

Advanced Women’s Chorale is comprised of auditioned female singers with a limited choral background.  This ensemble focuses on building musicianship and developing vocal technique through singing SA and SSA literature.

2021 CVHS Concert Choir

Concert Choir

Concert Choir is comprised of 60-70 auditioned juniors, seniors, and select sophomores with at least a year of previous choral singing experience.  Concert Choir studies advanced SATB repertoire of all types, begins each school year with a mountain retreat, participates in local and out-of-state festivals, and tours out-of-state annually.  Concert Choir represents the flagship of the CVHS Choral program.

Advanced Vocal Ensemble

Advanced Vocal Ensemble is comprised of between 16 and 20 auditioned singers drawn from the Concert Choir.  This choir studies advanced chamber music from all time periods, as well as vocal jazz.  AVE tours with Concert Choir each year and participates annually in the NAU Jazz/Madrigal Festival.